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Go to CFPSystems.com and click on the Support tab. You'll see two different options: 
  • Interactive New Hire form- Use this only when you have a new hire or need changes to an existing user. 
  • Create a Support Ticket- Use this when you need help or troubleshooting assistance.  This replaces our old  osTicket.

If you're a new user to our ticketing system (as of July 2019), you'll need to take a moment to sign up.   This will provide you with additional benefits, such as being able to access your ticket history. The process is quick and detailed below:
  1. Fill in all the required information.
  2. The captia is case sensitive!
  3. Click Submit and check your email.
  4. Email confirmation - Click [Accept the Invitation] and you will be directed to create a Password - make it safe and memorable.
  5. Complete your Profile with as much information as possible. This will make reaching you easier if more detail is required.

Make sure you log in first before submitting a ticket! This way, all your tickets will be available to you. You can review the ticket's details and its resolution status. The new ticketing portal also provides a place where you can comment on existing tickets and answer any questions that may be sent back to you for clarification.

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