• Lancom for Your Business

Lancom for Your Business

We have been a Lancom Reseller for over a year and continue to exceed client expectations with their products. Interested in learning more about them and seeing how Lancom can make a big difference in your companies IT efficiencies?

In addition to providing your company with world-class, industry awarded, IT infrastructure, Lancom offers some groundbreaking industry firsts:

  • Fully GDRP Compliant
  • Guaranteed zero back doors
  • Established in 2002 and providing “Made in Germany” quality products that are setting new standards in the industry
  • 1-click deployments (with the LMC)
  • LMC - Lancom Management Cloud a TRUE single pane of glass to manage everything Lancom!
  • ePaper Solutions to cover everything from shelf-tagging at a retail/ grocery store (2.7” displays), all the way up to 12.2” displays that can integrate with your favorite calendar application and provide conference room signage and more!
  • The first company to offer 100% WiFi6 capability from routing to switching to access points. Useful for high density and ultra-high density installation (schools/ universities, hospitality, large corporate offices, and more)
  • Simple, robust solutions for the SOHO, up to installations requiring full switching aggregation

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 offers the advantage of lower latency per WLAN client compared to older standards. 

Benefits of the LANCOM Cloud

What if you could instead offer your customers much more than the service they are used to while generating additive business without burdening your existing resources?

Let the Cloud Do the Work

We bring your business into the future and you have ... more time for the things that are important!


A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) replaces conventional, static, manually configured network infrastructures.