• Case Studies

Quality Degree, Inc

Quality Degree, Inc. is a local HVAC, electrical, and plumbing company that serves southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. It was founded in 1996 and currently has thirty employees.

The Situation

Quality Degree, Inc. initially contacted us concerning a server crash that resulted in total data loss. The company was losing large sums of money due to poorly designed infrastructure and backup procedures, as well as operational inefficiencies.

The Solution

Our goal was to minimize any disruption in Quality Degree, Inc.’s day-to-day operations. After confirming a total data loss, we jointly developed a plan to reconstruct, streamline, and re-enter lost information.  

Properly rebuilding their infrastructure and selecting the correct field service solution let Quality Degree, Inc.’s technicians go paperless in the field. This minimized their time on site, while providing leadership with accurate location and timing metrics.  With these changes, we saved Quality Degree, Inc. over 50 percent in licensing fees and increased technician efficiency by 35 percent. For the first time, Quality Degree, Inc. accurately tracked parts, adjusted inventory levels, and minimized excess inventory to save the company even more money.

What They Had to Say

We have been using the expertise of CFP Systems for the last five years. CFP has always met and/or exceeded our expectations, bringing new ideas to the table and helping us to implement them. The principal, Charles Pendleton, has worked tirelessly to bring our company’s IT infrastructure up to speed and to ensure that it is robust enough to handle everything that we want it to do now and in the future.  These enhancements have enabled our company to open up new avenues for business growth and increased productivity.  Charlie has been very diligent and anticipates issues before they become problems.  He has been instrumental in helping us to plan ahead for company growth and assisting with operational business processes.  CFP Systems is a company committed to excellent customer service and will help your company to enhance its technological infrastructure, security or other business needs.

Dana Henzler (Vice President)

(formerly  Yellowbook, USA)

Hibu is a national provider of marketing services and works with thousands of businesses in the SMB space.

The Situation

Overwhelmed by client growth, Hibu initially called CFP Systems in to improve the efficiency of their digital technology deployment process; overspending on both time and resources had rendered their deployment cycle inefficient.

The Solution

First, we communicated with stakeholders to develop an understanding of their desired business goals. When these goals were defined, within three months CFP Systems created a streamlined and repeatable release process. This brought company-wide recognition to the digital media department and set the gold-standard for release processes. Due to these improved efficiencies, Yellowbook.com made their website release frequency ten times faster, which in turn provided quicker revenue recognition as well as improved deployment quality.  

Hibu also tasked us with helping management implement and coordinate off-shore resources for quality purposes. This integration saved the U.S.-based team over 1,000 hours of monthly quality assurance efforts. Further work with the new media division yielded a triage system which gave all company employees the ability to report problems related to online products and provide customers with timely feedback. This led to a 50 percent improvement in issue resolution times as well as increased customer satisfaction.

What They Had to Say

Charlie has a unique blend of technology and operations skills. His ability to grasp and analyze complex processes is exceptional. During repeat engagements with Charlie at various parts of our careers, I've seen a consistently very organized approach to his assignments. This served our company well as it relates to improvements. CFP Systems designed and implemented to our digital technology deployment process. I would highly recommend them to assist any company looking to build and maintain complex people and and technology platforms.

Rich  Gallagher (Global Head of Digital Product Platforms)

TNS-Media Intelligence

TNS-Media Intelligence is a Taylor Nelson Sofres company and leading global provider of strategic market research. It services a broad range of clients in agency, broadcasting, and publishing marketplaces.

The Situation

At first, TNS asked CFP Systems to assess and improve the operating performances of a critical video advertising media collection and assessment process. TNS was suffering from process and technology interruptions due to increased broadcast volumes and sophistication.

The Solution

Upon completion of an end-to-end business assessment, we identified any and all active issues as well as areas of potential risk. CFP Systems started immediate remediation efforts, and kept employees and third-party vendors up-to-date on all phases of the project.

CFP Systems also established and trained a virtual workforce (on and off-shore) on the improved procedures for the then quarter-million video advertisements processed daily. For this training, we developed all necessary reference materials and on-site instruction methods.

What They Had to Say

Supported by his deep expertise in mechanical and other engineered systems, Charlie was able to see the deficiencies in our company's approaches to broadcast monitoring and analysis in very short order.  He was also able to grasp the potential of our global personnel footprint to find the optimal process and training design needed to achieve the required operating stability and quality service levels. I would  highly recommend Charlie for similar  assignments where a company is looking to implement creative improvements to process and technology.

Rich  Gallagher (VP, Broadcast Technology and Operations)